6 Reasons You Need to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Houston, Texas

When you’ve suffered a bicycle injury, there are several ways that a situation can play out. Being able to bounce back from your injuries will require the assistance of an attorney that is versed in personal injury law. As a Houston resident, you’ll need a set of lawyers that understands how the law is handled in Texas.

So when should you think about reaching out to an attorney following a bicycle accident? We’re happy to explain.

Keep reading to learn more about working with a bicycle accident attorney that can help you out.

1. You’ve Suffered Physical Injuries

If you’ve suffered any sort of physical personal injuries, you’ll absolutely require the help of a good lawyer. Since you’re virtually unprotected when on a bike, the potential for serious, life-altering injuries is huge.

Some examples of physical injuries that you might suffer on a bike include cranial, neck, and back injuries, concussions, lacerations, and broken bones. They may involve spinal cord injuries that require extensive surgery and long bouts of rehab.

Since these injuries will rack up large medical bills and can potentially create significant pain and a long recovery time, you will need the help of a lawyer that can recoup every last penny for you.

2. The Party That Hurt You Isn’t Cooperating

A bicycle accident lawyer will be important when the other party isn’t cooperating. Even if the accident is straightforward, there’s always the potential for the person that hurt you to balk at admitting fault or paying you as much as you deserve.

This requires the help and assistance of a bicycle accident lawyer that can apply pressure. They will make sure that your case is filed in a timely manner, and will be ready and willing to present evidence in court that can help you win your case. These professionals can also help you to find witnesses that can prove your side of the story and help you win.

3. A Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Negotiate Fair Settlements

A bicycle accident law firm will be helpful to you when you’re trying to get a fairly negotiated settlement. It’s important to recognize that just 4% and 5% of personal injury cases go to court. The other 95% or more are handled in settlements outside of court.

Because of this, you need to make certain that you have a team of lawyers that are skilled at negotiating settlements. They will work with the other party to make sure that you are paid fairly and able to get a dollar amount that can assist you with every part of your healing and recovery.

These cases can often take several months or longer to settle, so any attorney that you choose should be patient, diligent, and in it for the long haul.

4. You’re Strongling With Emotional Anguish or Pain and Suffering

When pain and suffering are involved, the legal landscape of your case because immediately more tricky and treacherous. Pain and suffering happen when you’ve endured some sort of emotional trauma as a result of your accident.

For instance, you might be dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the accident, or emotional suffering because you’ve endured serious physical injuries. You’ll definitely need the assistance of a lawyer for these situations because these damages are difficult to quantify.

Bicycle accident attorneys understand the ins and outs of these cases and will help you to prove that you’ve gone through these circumstances due to the driver’s carelessness, negligence, and disregard.

5. The Accident Causes You to Miss Time From Work

Bicycle accident lawyers are particularly important if you’re going to have to take time off from work as a result of the injuries and recovery. When you get hurt in an accident and have to miss work, this also means that you aren’t able to bring in any income.

Your bills will keep coming regardless, and you’ll need some recourse to bounce back. When you work with a bicycle accident attorney, they will help you get a full accounting for the lost income, in addition to any future earnings that are hurt as a result.

These professionals will make sure that while you’re out of work and on the mend, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can feed yourself or pay for your bills.

6. Physical Therapy and Rehab are Needed

When injuries are suffered in a bicycle accident case, you may also need extensive rounds of physical therapy and rehab. This will help you to increase the full range of motion in your body, in addition to healing your joints, bones, and muscles for the long term.

Physical therapy professionals will look through your physician’s diagnoses and will use functional recovery to help you rebuild yourself stronger and better than ever.

Your recovery may also involve hiring chiropractic professionals that can assist you. They might offer you services like chiropractic adjustments, massage, and a host of other services.

7. Life Changes and Lost Potential

Once you’ve encountered the injuries and damages from a bicycle accident, it’s very possible that your long-term career and earning potential can take a hit. If your injuries are significant, you’ll have a long road to recovery and will miss some time from work.

The bicycle accident attorneys that you hire will make sure that you recover damages that take care of these missed wages, along with money to take care of long-term recovery.

Your lawyer will seek the maximum compensation that you require. Make sure that you consult with your lawyer and file a claim within the statute of limitations so that your time to recover damages doesn’t run out.

Work With a Bicycle Accident Attorney That Can Assist You

A bicycle accident attorney will be just what you need when you’re pursuing a case of any variety. No matter what sort of circumstances led to your bicycle accident, it’s of the utmost importance that you bring a lawyer on board that can assist you with every matter.

In this regard, we’d be happy to assist you with your case. At The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja, we help clients defend their rights following an auto accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall, and a host of other cases.

Use the tips above and contact us on the web, or by giving us a call at (713) 561-5454.

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