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Tugboats are large, diesel-powered boats that are designed to move barges. Since these vessels cannot stop or change course quickly, there are many hazards when working in this environment. A Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyer will help you negotiate an insurance settlement or civil award if you are injured or a family member loses his or her life on the job.

Insurers are not on your side and may get away with offering you less than what you deserve. There are several laws and civil deadlines that will impact the outcome and timeline of your case. The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja is ready to fight for and protect your rights when someone else is responsible for your work-related accident injuries.

If you or your family member were injured onboard, speak with a Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyer on our team. We offer a Free Consultation to injury victims at (713) 561-5454 or by making a request here

Compensation Is Available Under the Jones Act When Negligence Is Involved

While some events are out of one’s control, that is rarely the case. The reality is that most tugboat and barge accidents should never happen. Without enforcing proper safety protocols or adequately maintaining vessels, a severe accident can occur under negligent conditions, which gives you grounds to file a claim for an insurance settlement or civil court award.

If negligence played a role, you could file a compensation claim under the Jones Act and other applicable laws to recover the following awards:

  • Medical costs, present and future
  • Lost wages, present and future
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • And more

The Jones Act is a complex set of laws, and other regulations may apply, including the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA). A Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyer will help you navigate them while avoiding legal mistakes. Doing so will allow you to focus on your physical, financial, and emotional recovery while The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja handles the negotiations with the insurance company, negligent parties, and their lawyers.

A Houston Tugboat and Barge Accident Lawyer Will Investigate the Cause of Your Accident

Our Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyers represent injured maritime workers while they were on the job. As you know, the work is hazardous and physically demanding around moving waters, structures, and other vessels in the area. Seamen and sailors encounter conditions and work exorbitant hours that put them at risk for injury or death.

You or your family member had the right to safety while working within the scope of the job. The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja will investigate the cause of your accident and preserve evidence that proves negligence occurred as we discover it.

Cases of negligence our Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyers have handled include:

  • Poorly maintained or slippery decks
  • Dock collisions
  • Overworking and poor training
  • Falling objects and crush injuries
  • Malfunctioning tools and equipment
  • Poorly maintained winches, skids, and docks
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Improper railing placements
  • Poor lighting
  • Wrongful death
  • And other forms of negligence

Severe injuries while aboard a vessel can shorten your time on the job or the life of your loved ones after a workplace accident. Our Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyers make it their mission to obtain the largest recoverable award that existing laws provide. Count on our legal team to pursue justice on your behalf.

A Statute of Limitations Affects Your Tugboat or Barge Accident Injury Claim

Many civil claims involve a deadline known as the statute of limitations. Once the statute of limitations passes, then you no longer have the right to file a claim. Depending upon where your accident happened and the parties involved, you will have anywhere between one (1) and three (3) years to file your case.

While that may seem like plenty of time to get an insurance settlement, your case may be more complex and require a careful investigation of the facts to prove your allegations. Do not let a looming deadline become the insurance company’s bargaining chip to pressure you into taking a lesser settlement.

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You did not deserve to suffer injuries on the job due to another’s negligence. 

No Win, No Fees for Our Services

Many clients experience unique financial challenges after an accident that can catch them off guard. Instead of charging clients a traditional retainer, we take your case on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid for our resources and time until you win. Otherwise, you owe us nothing until you make a recovery in your case.

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When you are worried about getting the money you need after an accident, our legal team will step in to ensure that no one takes advantage of your position. Our Houston tugboat and barge accident lawyers understand that insurance companies may try to get you to settle quickly. However, a comprehensive and full investigation of the facts may reveal information that can provide you with more than you were offered initially.

Before filing your claim or accepting an offer, contact our legal team to determine how you can best handle the situation. Our years of insight and experience will provide you with the reassurance and confidence you need to move forward. 

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