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If your property in Houston or the surrounding counties was damaged by high winds or a windstorm, you might have property insurance that covers it. However, having wind damage insurance company isn’t the same as being able to use it. Oftentimes, insurance companies use misleading tactics to deny or undervalue claims, all in the pursuit of better profits.

The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja can help you stand up for yourself and your home or business if it was damaged by strong winds. We are the legal team that locals trust to handle the process of filing a wind damage claim, as well as any challenges or appeals for claims that are wrongfully denied. Thanks to our extensive legal experience, we know how to attempt settlement negotiations and litigate on behalf of our clients when necessary.

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What is Covered by Wind Damage Insurance?

Your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover wind damage. The amount of coverage you get – and what is required to use that coverage – will be specific to the policy that you purchased. It might be more or less than what you expect, based on the policy details. We can review your policy to see what coverage applies and how much it should provide.

Your wind coverage in your homeowners or business owners' insurance could include:

  • Roof damage: Strong winds usually damage the rooftops of homes more than any other part of the building. For this reason, roof damage is usually the main point of coverage in a wind damage policy.
  • Missing shingles: If your roof is shingled and some of those shingles were torn off due to high winds, it could be covered by your policy. However, many policies don’t cover shingle replacement when other repairs are unnecessary, so reviewing your policy is important.
  • Siding damage: A wind damage policy may cover siding damage, such as when siding on a house is torn off by strong winds and needs to be replaced.
  • Structural damage: Miscellaneous damage to your home or business caused by strong winds – like damage to walls, windows, and doors – may be covered by your insurance policy.
  • Tree-related damage: If a tree is pushed over in a windstorm, any damage caused by the tree may be covered. In some policies, though, this type of damage is considered separate from wind damage, so coverage can be confusing.
  • Personal property loss: When wind damages the structure of a property enough to cause subsequent damage to personal property inside the property, an insurance policy may provide coverage to replace any damaged or lost property.
  • Additional living expenses: You may be reimbursed for the living expenses incurred due to severe wind damage to your home. For example, if you had to live in a hotel while your home was being repaired, your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover these expenses.

Business Interruption Insurance for Wind Damage

Do you run a business or company in Houston that was damaged by wind? If the wind damage is severe enough to interrupt your business and profits, you should see if you have business interruption insurance that applies. This type of insurance can help you make ends meet while you work on getting your business operational again.

Is Wind Damage a Separate Insurance Policy?

One of the most common reasons for wind damage claim denials is that the property owner’s insurance policy does not cover that type of damage. You might be surprised to find that your homeowners’ insurance policy specifically excludes wind damage and that you had to purchase a separate wind damage policy. Insurance companies often unbundle these coverage types while saying it helps save policyholders money by letting them choose the coverage they need; in reality, the tactic is used to make it easier to deny claims when a homeowner forgets to buy wind damage insurance coverage.

Other Reasons Why Wind Damage Claims are Denied

Your wind damage claim might be denied for one of these common reasons:

  • No physical proof of wind damage: When filing a wind damage claim, it is important to take photographs and film videos of the damage. Without physical or concrete proof of the damage, the insurance company will likely deny the claim.
  • Damage not caused by wind: An insurance provider may argue that your property was not damaged by the wind but by something else, like vandalism. Our attorneys can look for ways to prove that wind caused the damage. Sometimes, a verified weather report is necessary to prove that a windstorm moved through your area when you said it did.
  • Pre-existing damage: The insurance company may try to argue that the damage you documented was caused long before the wind or by a previous wind storm, which would make the claim ineligible.
  • Missed filing deadline: If you don’t report the wind damage soon enough after it happened or if you wait too long to file your insurance claim, your case can be denied outright. Don’t risk missing an important deadline. Get our attorneys on your side as soon as possible.

Let Our Attorneys Handle All Parts of Your Claim

The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja in Houston can help you handle a wind damage insurance claim from start to finish. When we’re on the case, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll use our vast resources and extensive resources to keep your case moving, so you can focus on other parts of your life.

We can help with your wind damage claim by:

  • Assessing and documenting the wind damage to your property.
  • Gathering all necessary documentation to work on your claim.
  • Filing the wind damage insurance claim before any deadlines expire.
  • Answering any requests for more information from the insurance company.
  • Attempting to negotiate with the insurance company to get a settlement.
  • Litigating your wind damage claim in court if the insurer wrongfully denies it and won’t negotiate a settlement.

Trust our insight and experience dealing with insurance companies. Call (713) 561-5454 as soon as possible after your home or business is damaged by wind.

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