9 Personal Injury Tips from an Experienced Houston Attorney to Help You Gain the Maximum Deserved Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

In 2018 in the state of Texas, there were over 12,000 serious injuries resulting from car accidents. Approximately 129,000 workers experienced a workplace injury or illness that resulted in missed workdays or job restrictions. 

Hundreds of thousands of Texans suffer from personal injuries each year. Depending on the nature of their injury, they may be entitled to compensation to cover their medical bills or other resulting damages.

The problem is that the defendant’s insurance company will not go the extra mile to help maximize the compensation you receive. As they are processing hundreds of cases, the smaller check the process, the better their yearly profits. As you can see the odds are not stacked in your favor.

Read on for 9 personal injury tips from a personal injury attorney who knows how to gain the maximum deserved compensation, formulate a winning case, and get you every penny you are rightfully owed for your life change.

1. Know If You Have a Personal Injury Case

Not all injuries qualify for a personal injury claim. A key factor to consider before attempting to open a claim is neglect. Did your injury result from another person’s neglectful behavior?

Let’s look at some examples. You enter a store and the floor is wet but there are no wet floor signs warning you of these conditions. You slip and fall.

Another driver is texting and runs into you head-on. The accident could have been avoided had they paid attention to the road.

You get injured while performing an unsafe task authorized by your employer, but your employer doesn’t provide workers’ compensation–a possibility under Texas state law. You can’t apply for workers’ compensation, so you have to file a personal injury claim against your employer.

These are all examples in which a personal injury claim could be appropriately filed. In every instance, the injury in question resulted from another business or person’s failure to prevent it from happening. 

2. Keep Thorough Records

From the moment you know a claim must be filed, keep track of everything. This includes photographs of your injury and the scene where it occurred. It also includes medical bills, pay stubs showing your loss of income due to missed workdays, and any information you receive from the defendant. Better documentation will help make the whole process smooth for you and your assisting attorney.

3. Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you’re uncertain that you need medical attention right away, visit a doctor. Continue with follow-up appointments throughout the course of your case.

Not all injuries make themselves apparent right away. Doctors and physical therapists are also more likely to notice the potential for future related injuries. This can rightfully boost your deserved settlement.

Plus, if you don’t seek medical treatment but push for compensation, the defendant can argue that you are exaggerating the extent of your injuries. 

The best practice is to always seek medical assessment to ensure long-term safety.

4. Don’t Underestimate Your Due Compensation

Many clients assume they can only receive compensation for their medical bills. However, you may be entitled to compensation for lost income or other mental and emotional damages resulting from the injury. This is where an experienced attorney can help guide you through this life-changing process. Experience matters!

5. Don’t Jump on the First Lowball Offer

It makes sense to be eager to receive that compensation check as soon as possible, especially as medical bills stack up. However, the first offer you receive from the defendant or defendant's insurance company will probably be a low one. They are banking on your desperation for cash as a way to lower the money they owe you.

If your attorney believes that you can get more deserved compensation, listen to them. Hold out while they continue to build your case. We have handled 2,300+ personal injury cases and have a laser-sharp focus on your deserved rightful recovery.

6. Remember the Possibility of Future Damages

We mentioned future damages earlier, but let’s talk about what that entails. Future damages refer to chronic, recurring, or worsening injuries that result from your initial injury.

The last thing you want is to receive compensation that covers your current medical bills, only to find that trips to the doctor are going to become a regular thing for you because of this injury. 

An experienced attorney can help you think out your journey and each aspect of personal injury loss, as they have seen thousands of cases. Experience matters!

7. Be Prepared for the Defendant to Fight Back–and Dirty

Insurance companies are no strangers to personal injury claims. They have several tricks up their sleeve to undermine your case. This is why it’s critical to call an experienced attorney within 1 hour of your accident to get guidance on the whole process.

Never sign anything coming from the defendant without letting your attorney read it first. For example, the defendant will seek access to your medical records pertaining to the case. However, you may not realize that the paperwork you are signing grants them access to your entire medical history.

When an insurance company seeks this kind of all-encompassing information, they’re looking for evidence of a pre-existing condition that they can pin your injury on. This is just one of the tactics they may use to deny responsibility for your injury and refuse compensation.

8. Mind Your Behavior

Assume that the defendant’s attorney is always watching you. They’re looking for signs that you’re exaggerating the extent of your suffering. We often recommend that clients stay off of social media and maintain high levels of privacy to avoid these exploitative measures.

If your case is stated in front of a jury, make sure that you are well-mannered in court. You would be surprised at how much a jury’s perception of you can sway their decision. Dress appropriately, avoid lashing out, and let your attorney do most of the talking.

9. Work With an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

As you can see from our personal injury tips, these cases aren’t always cut and dry. Insurance companies work with entire teams of experienced attorneys and experts. The only way to level the playing field is to bring in an experienced attorney of your own. 

Follow Our Personal Injury Tips to Maximize Your Pay-Off

These personal injury tips represent only a portion of the expertise we bring to the table when we fight for our clients.

To get the best representation in the Houston, Texas area, contact us and we’ll begin a consultation. We’ll review the facts of your case for FREE, and advise you on what we think. You can decide from there whether or not you want us to win your case for you. We follow a “No Win No Fee” policy, which means we don’t get paid a dime unless you win. Call our office today for your FREE, OVER THE PHONE CONSULTATION!

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