7 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Burn Injuries

When you’re dealing with something as serious as burn injuries, you need the best attorney that you can find.

These injuries occur in a number of ways, and you’ll need the help of a personal injury attorney that understands exactly what to do to get you a fair payment for your damages. But what makes hiring a lawyer such a necessity?

We’re glad you asked. Read on to learn more about why you should never go it alone if you’ve suffered a burn injury of any kind.

1. Burn Injuries are Significant and Costly

The first reason that you should consult with a personal injury lawyer when you have burn injuries is that the procedures involved are both costly and significant.

The severity of burn injuries is broken down into first, second, and third-degree burns. The higher the degree, the more significant the burn. The most severe burns create the deepest damage to your muscles, nerves, skin, and bones. Many third-degree burns are permanent and require prosthetics or reconstructive surgery.

There are a number of procedures that you might have to get following a burn accident. Some of these procedures include skin grafts, facial reconstruction, microsurgery, tissue expansion, and free flap procedure.

In many situations, this means getting more than one surgical procedure to set a baseline for your healing, followed up by procedures for cosmetic reasons. These costs can go through the roof, and an attorney will be by your side to make sure that you are paid every dime that you deserve.

2. The Recovery Will Likely Be Lengthy and Detailed

It’s also important to recognize that healing from burn injuries is never an overnight process. During this long road to recovery, you need to know that you have a quality attorney working hard on your case so that you can rest and recuperate with your full peace of mind intact.

You will have to get a series of rehabilitation and physical therapy treatments so that you can regain use of certain parts, along with your range of motion.

Proving your side of the case requires the assistance of a seasoned expert that understands personal injury law to the letter. This should be your first priority so that all ducks are in a row during this long road to recovery.

3. These Personal Injuries Come With Plenty of Pain and Suffering

When you are dealing with injuries, it goes much deeper than simply physical. They come with deep pain and suffering that there’s no true price tag to fix. However, you are entitled to monetary damages when you suffer mental and emotional anguish and should be compensated justly.

Your attorney will serve you in figuring out how much you should be paid, and proving your emotional distress. A good lawyer understands the entire landscape of the case and will not allow you to miss out on the money you’re entitled to.

4. Lawyers Will Make Certain the Correct Party is Held Accountable

Half the battle in personal injury cases of all varieties is to designate who is responsible so that they’re held accountable. Since personal injury lawyers understand such issues, you will reduce the likelihood of using the wrong party and rendering your case null and void.

These attorneys understand how to prove fault and negligence, and will satisfy every burden of proof. They can craft a case that is a winner so that you get the amount that you are owed, whether it plays out in a court trial or with an out-of-court settlement.

5. Personal Injury Attorneys are Expert Negotiators

Since a lot of personal injury matters don’t ever make it to court, it is critical that you also have an attorney that is skillful at negotiating. Once they’ve presented enough evidence to the other party that shows they were responsible, you will have leverage that gets you a fair payout.

A lawyer that is great at negotiating will understand the true value of your case so that you do not get low-balled or accept anything less than you deserve. This is crucial because burn injuries cause damages that you will need to account for.

6. They Can Help Pay for Your Missed Income

While you’re mostly focused on getting paid for your surgeries and physical therapy, don’t forget that during all this time you are no longer able to work. You’ll need an attorney that can pay you for whatever income you lose as well.

This includes income that you’re missing while healing up, in addition to any future potential income that you’ll miss out on due to the injuries.

7. You Don’t Have to Make Payments Upfront

Finally, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t retain the best lawyer you can find because it costs you nothing out of pocket. A burn injury attorney will offer you a free case evaluation, and once they take you on as a client, their payment doesn’t happen until your case concludes.

You have nothing to lose, and will only pay them a percentage of the money you get in the end.

Hire a Lawyer to Assist With Your Burn Injuries

So there you have it. You can face your burn injuries head-on as long as you have the assistance of a quality lawyer.

If you have suffered these injuries, our law firm is more than happy to make the situation right for you. We’ve been in practice for years and serve clients all over Texas.

Reach out now for a 100% free case evaluation so that we can begin helping you with your injuries.

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