The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Accidents and unintentional injuries in the US are more common than you think.

Nearly 40 million patients visit doctors for an accident each year, while over 29 million patients seek care at an ER. Unintentional injury is the third leading cause of death in the US.

If you’ve recently been in an accident, you may be wondering: does my injury fall under one of the types of personal injury cases a lawyer can try?

Considering how many accidents happen each year, you certainly aren’t alone. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide.

Are you seeking a payout for your pain, suffering, or hospital bills after an accident that wasn’t your fault? Then your case may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Keep reading to find out for sure.

Three Types of Personal Injury Cases

At The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja, personal injury cases come in four different flavors: vehicular accidents, work-related accidents, products, and services-related accidents, and insurance disputes.

Depending on the details of your accident, you may qualify for settlement money. Check out each of the types of personal injury cases below to figure out if yours qualifies.

Vehicular Accidents

Vehicular accidents injure or kill over 50 million people in the US each year. While most of us think of car accidents first, there are actually multiple types of vehicular accidents that can land you in hot water. They include:

  • Truck Accidents: When a truck hits you or two trucks hit each other, resulting in an injury to one or more parties.
  • Auto Accidents: When one or more cars are involved in a collision, resulting in an injury to one or more parties
  • Motorcycle Accidents: When one or more motorcycles are involved in a collision, resulting in an injury to one or more parties
  • Airplane Accidents: When a plane crashes or malfunctions, resulting in injury to passengers flying aboard

Road accidents can cost thousands of dollars in car damages. And that’s not even mentioning the cost of care after a vehicular accident. For this reason, many people choose to seek representation after their accident.

If you sustained injuries from one of the above types of vehicular accidents, you might qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Your case might be especially strong if another party caused the accident due to negligence, recklessness, or intoxication.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are unfortunately common these days. It’s estimated that one worker is injured every 7 seconds on the job. Meanwhile, more than 5000 workers die on the job each year, 21% of which are construction contractors.

Among the most common workplace, injuries and accidents are slip and fall accidents. This is either when a person slips and falls on a floor or to a lower level. In 2019 alone, these kinds of accidents accounted for nearly 26% of workplace injuries.

Electrocution injuries are also surprisingly common in the workplace. General contractors and city workers are particularly exposed to this type of hazard. These can result in burns or, in more severe cases, permanent nerve injuries.

Burns don’t result from electrocution alone. Chemicals, fuel fires, and even hot water are all known to cause burns. Sometimes, burns and other workplace-related injuries are bad enough to make you miss work.

The good news is you can get paid for those days you miss at work. A personal injury lawyer can help you get compensated for care. If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you may also qualify for reimbursement of days lost at work.

Products and Services-Related Accidents

Even if you aren’t at work or in your vehicle, injuries you obtain due to someone else’s negligence also fall under a personal injury lawyer’s purview.

For example, medical malpractice occurs when a patient dies due to the doctor’s lack of skill or attention. Family members of the deceased patient may file a wrongful death suit. However, the circumstances must fall under one of the following requirements:

  • The injuring party caused the death of the family member because of negligence, recklessness, etc.
  • The accusing party suffered significant damages because of their family member’s death
  • The deceased has a spouse, child, or parent who is a beneficiary

Product liability claims are similar to wrongful death suits. That’s because you’re suing an entity because of the products or services—or both—they provide. More specifically, a manufacturer created a defective, dangerous product that causes customer injury or death.

Typically, these cases are complicated and lengthy. That’s because you’re usually going up against established companies that can afford the best representation out there. For this reason, you must choose a seasoned product liability lawyer to represent your case.

Insurance Disputes

So, you weren’t at fault for an accident, but your insurance company just doesn’t want to pay. Is there anything you can do? You can call a personal injury attorney to help you get the coverage you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Omar Khawaja, we can dispute insurance claims on your behalf. We specialize in healthcare, life insurance, homeowners, automobile, disability, and professional liability insurance negotiations. We handle both first and third-party claims.

Call a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Vehicular, personal, and workplace accidents are all types of personal injury cases. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, you need a personal injury and accident lawyer.

That’s where Attorney Omar comes in.

Are you searching for a seasoned legal professional to represent your personal injury case? Schedule your free case review with one of our professional personal injury lawyers today!

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