How to Choose an Auto Collision Attorney in Houston That You Can Trust

When unforeseen accidents happen in life, it can be hard to revisit those moments and try to focus on what occurred.

If you were in a car crash or auto collision, you might not want to dwell on it. However, taking the appropriate steps can save you the headache and help you land a deserved compensation for your loss (Work, medical, time, pain, suffering, etc).

What’s most important after an accident (after your health, of course) is immediately finding the right car accident attorney (This should be done in a couple of hours after going to an ER or hospital). They can help guide you and recover the losses from the auto collision that you were in.

Here are several tips for finding the right attorney for your case. Be sure to consider all of these as you begin your search.

1. Ask Around Your Network

The biggest thing to remember about auto collisions is that almost everyone experiences them at one point or another. Because of that, you will have several people in your network who have hired an auto attorney before.

Be sure to reach out to those people and see who they would want to refer you to. If you know of someone in particular, then be sure to ask them about their experience and whether or not they’d recommend you use them.

If you’re unsure where to start looking, then use your closest network and explain what happened.

If anyone was in a similar situation, then they might have a suggestion or two for your next steps and which attorney would be the best fit for you.

2. Search Locally

Many people make the mistake of sacrificing the locality of an attorney that they hire for the “raving reviews” they find online.

An attorney’s location plays a big part in your case because of the network connections they’ll have.

Local attorneys have built professional relationships with the judges, police officers, and even the opposing attorneys that you’ll face. 

More importantly, they’ll be able to use their local resources to gather evidence for your case that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Be sure to contact a trusted auto accident attorney in your area to set your case up for success.

3. Have Your Questions Ready

Don’t ever book the first attorney that you reach out to. You should allow yourself the time to find a few options and interview them all before reaching a decision.

After all, the attorney that you choose will oversee the success of your case. You could win or lose your case simply by choosing the wrong lawyer. Don’t leave that up to chance. Experience matters here.

Make sure to have several questions that you’re ready to ask each attorney that you “interview”. 

How long have they been in practice? How many other cases are they currently handling? How does your law firm divvy up responsibility for your case? How often will they stay in communication on your case?

All of their answers to these questions will help you gauge how much you can trust them with your case.

For example, some of you might prefer an attorney that will be hands-on with each facet of your case. Others of you don’t mind if one of the firm’s interns handles some of the paperwork from time to time. (Note: Law firm staff work in teams, and this is a great strength)

Whatever your preference, make sure you communicate that early on and see if the attorney is willing to accommodate.

4. Factor in Your Personal Impressions of Them

Some people will tell you to remove your emotions when deciding which lawyer to represent you.

However, in doing so, you might be lining yourself up with an attorney that rubs you the wrong way.

You and the attorney you choose will be communicating back and forth a lot leading up to your case, so you’ll want to choose someone you like.

If an attorney answers all your questions correctly but still does not give you that confident feeling at the end, then don’t hire them. If you find someone you have a good feeling about, then don’t hesitate to hire them.

5. Check the Online Reviews

Any car accident attorney worth hiring will have left an impression online.

Whether it’s on their personal website or otherwise, you can use the online reviews that you find to your advantage.

Granted, you should take certain online reviews with a grain of salt. Some clients may have been bitter about the outcome of their case and written a negative review out of spite.

However, the overall theme of those reviews can help you understand what your experience might be like. 

Whether that overall theme is relatively negative or positive, you should expect that your experience would be similar. Be sure to factor those reviews into the decision that you make.

6. Hire Someone That’s Transparent

Some lawyers will say just about anything that you want to hear in order to get you to hire them. You want to stay as far away from those as possible.

As you’re interviewing certain lawyers, try to listen for the transparency in their voice and tone.

You want to hire someone that will have an actionable plan for you. If there’s an attorney that lays out a general plan, then be sure to give them a hard look.

Hire the Right Attorney for Your Auto Collision Case

Now that you’ve seen several pointers on how to find the right auto collision attorney, it’s time to start your search!

Be sure to read this page highlighting why the law offices of Omar Khawaja are the right fit for your case.

For more inquiries, please feel free to call our office line or reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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