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When you trip and fall on another’s property due to unsafe or hazardous conditions, hire a Houston trip and fall accident lawyer to negotiate or litigate a financial award that you deserve for your harm. Trip and fall injuries are no laughing matter and can result in exorbitant medical expenses, lost work wages, and tremendous pain and suffering. Negligence accidents should never happen, nor should you have to pay for the damages incurred.

Work with the tireless and unrelenting legal team at the law offices of Omar Khawaja. We will leverage our knowledge, resources, and experience to fight for a settlement or civil award on your behalf. However, ensure that you speak with a Houston trip and fall lawyer sooner rather than later since a statute of limitations—or civil deadline—applies to your case.

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Fighting for Your Rights After a Trip and Fall Injury or Wrongful Death

Even tripping over a reasonably short distance can leave you reeling with severe injuries that may have a long-term impact on your daily life and ability to earn a living. In the State of Texas, it is not your responsibility to pay for damages that someone else caused you. Your Houston trip and fall accident lawyer will examine your case’s facts and preserve evidence that supports specific legal principles and laws.

The law offices of Omar Khawaja will help you obtain compensation to pay for the following types of injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Back and spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones and tendon damage
  • Deep cuts and lacerations
  • Internal organ damage and bleeding
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • And more

The medical costs and time missed at work to treat and recover from these injuries can mount quickly, and insurance companies recognize this aspect. The insurer wants to settle cases as soon as possible. Avoid making the mistake of accepting an offer that is less than what you deserve.

You Do Not Have to Face the Insurance Company Alone

Your injury’s prognosis and future outlook may take time to develop. Once you accept the insurance company’s settlement check and sign a Release of All Claims, you will not possess the legal right to go after them for more money later if you discover that your injuries are worse than previously thought.

Instead of taking the insurance company at its word, hire a Houston trip and fall accident lawyer to help you through the insurance claims process or evaluate an offer you received. The law offices of Omar Khawaja will avoid making legal mistakes altogether while developing a strong case strategy that represents your side of the story.

Seeking the Legal Advice of a Houston Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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Establishing Liability After a Trip and Fall Accident

Trip and fall cases fall under Texas personal injury and premises liability laws. This information is relevant since these laws determine who is liable for your accident injuries or family member’s death. When you enter a private home as a guest or visit a publicly accessible property, such as grocery stores, movie theaters, and restaurants, the property owner or manager owes you a general duty of care to offer a reasonably safe experience.

When these homeowners or businesses fail in this capacity, then you have the right to obtain a compensation award for your physical, financial, and emotional losses. The failure to meet a general duty of care is called negligence, which is the element that gives your case legal standing.

Examples of trip and fall hazards that laws consider hazardous may include:

  • Dangerous walkways without adequate warning
  • Faulty or loose handrailing on inclines and declines
  • Raised door jambs that do not alert you of a trip hazard
  • Unlevel or broken sidewalks
  • Broken stairs or stairways not up to code
  • Inadequate or poor lighting

When the facility owner or manager fails to provide necessary safety precautions to visitors and guests, your Houston trip and fall accident lawyer can build your claim around the conditions that triggered your accident, which resulted in your injuries and financial losses. Attorney Omar and his legal team will thoroughly investigate the defendant’s role in your matter and hold them or their insurance company accountable for their negligent actions through an insurance claim or civil court lawsuit.

Texas Comparative Negligence Laws Are Imperative to Understand

Not only do you have to prove that negligence occurred, but you also need to establish the degree of fault by a percentage that the defendant committed. Doing so is necessary due to Texas’ comparative negligence laws. Comparative negligence is a comparison of the level of fault exhibited by both parties.

As a hypothetical example, if you ask the insurance company to pay you $100,000, but a court finds that the store was only eighty (80) percent at-fault, then comparative negligence laws would reduce your award to $80,000 because of your role in the accident.

Cases Are Rarely Cut-and-Dry

In some cases, the degree of fault and assignment thereof is precise. However, other issues are more complicated, and the responsibility may not be so black-and-white. In either circumstance, the insurance company is not going to take your word for it. Instead, hire a Houston trip and fall lawyer to investigate and prove the cause of your accident so that you get every dollar you deserve from your claim.

Insurance Companies May Blame You

It is also essential to recognize that the defendant can effectively transfer some or all of your responsibility for the accident. If the insurance company can show that you were fifty (50) percent or more at-fault, you do not collect any money. This strategy allows your insurance company to reduce its liability for your injuries.

Reasons that the insurer may give for your role in the accident may include:

  • You entered an area that was reserved for staff only
  • You chose to engage in horseplay in the facility
  • You ignored reasonable safety precaution for yourself and others around you
  • The store owner did not owe you a duty of care
  • You were intoxicated
  • You did not seek immediate medical treatment
  • And more

If you bear even an iota of liability, you can count on the insurance company to discover it and hold it against you. However, its version of the story is not necessarily reflective of reality. Make sure that you have a Houston trip and fall accident lawyer at the law offices of Omar Khawaja on your side to fight for you an insurance settlement or trial award that compensates you reasonably and fairly.

Compensation For Your Trip and Fall Injuries

After you file a trip and fall accident claim, it is critical that you do not miss any details or deadlines. Doing so can negatively impact your case or reduce your overall award. The amount you can anticipate receiving primarily depends upon your case’s facts and circumstances, such as the severity of your injuries and the level of negligence exhibited by the defendant.

Your Houston trip and fall accident lawyer may demand that the insurance company pay three (3) types of damages, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. While every case is unique, the law offices of Omar Khawaja will help you go after these types of awards as they apply to your situation.

Non-economic damages are those that you can measure and prove objectively, with a statement, bill, receipt, or paystub, and may include:

  • Current and future medical costs
  • Ambulance transportation and emergency room services
  • Physical and vocational therapy
  • Lost work wages and benefits for time missed
  • Medical equipment and device costs
  • Accessibility modifications to your home or car
  • Lost future earning capacity

Non-economic damages are those that are more challenging to estimate since they are more subjective in nature and may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death awards for surviving family members
  • And more

Punitive damages are the third type of civil damages that you can demand in Texas. However, these types of awards are rarely ordered by a civil court judge or jury since they are reserved for the most significantly egregious and gross acts of negligence and designed to punish the defendant. Your Houston trip and fall lawyer will help you determine if it is worth pursuing punitive damages in your case.

Face the Insurance Companies Confidently

Many property owners and businesses carry a premises liability insurance policy to shield them from liability after someone is negligently injured on the site. After a trip and fall accident in Texas, you will deal with the defendant’s insurance company extensively. However, be aware that the insurance adjuster assigned to your case is not on your side.

Some tactics that they could use against you may include:

  • Undervaluing your insurance claim
  • Undervaluing your future prognosis
  • Accusing you of causing your injuries
  • Independently investigating your daily activities
  • Using innocent comments or statements against you
  • Not processing your claim promptly
  • Ignoring your communications

Please do not fall prey to their strategies. It is your protected right to contact a Houston trip and fall accident lawyer before accepting a settlement offer. Once you agree to an offer, then you cannot renegotiate at a later point in time. Get your claim or lawsuit right the first time by hiring the law offices of Omar Khawaja to stand by your side throughout the entire process.

How a Houston Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer Will Help You

Attorney Omar and his legal team know what it takes to represent your or your loved ones’ injuries after an accident, even when going after insurance conglomerates. You do not have to accept less than what you deserve, and a Houston trip and fall accident lawyer will hold your detractors to their promises and Texas civil laws.

If you or a family member suffered from trip and fall injuries, an attorney would help you accomplish the following objectives:

  • Act as a communication buffer between you and the insurance company so that they do not take advantage of your position
  • Negotiate a higher compensation award than what the insurance company is currently offering
  • Provide you with responsive legal care and guidance throughout the entire claims process
  • Work with experts to provide a thorough analysis that can strengthen your allegations and add more value to your case
  • Preserve evidence that speaks to the circumstances and facts of your accident so that you receive the compensation you deserve
  • Offer legal advice to you or your family members as questions arise
  • Represent your case without paying any money down on contingency fees; if you do not win, our law firm does not receive anything for our time and resources

When you work with the law offices of Omar Khawaja, you can expect our team to deliver on honesty and transparency throughout the course of our representing your case. If your Houston trip and fall lawyer does not believe that our office can obtain a higher award, we will not recommend our legal services and point you in a different direction after subtracting our predicted costs.

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If you or a family member has suffered from a trip and fall accident in the Houston area, securing legal counsel is the next vital step if you want protection and guidance. The law offices of Omar Khawaja invites injury victims to contact our firm so that we can help you learn more about your legal rights and options. We take cases on a contingency fee basis and do not request any form of an advance payment.

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