While the Texas workers’ compensation system protects you when an on-the-job injury occurs, where do you turn when a third party, such as a different contractor, causes them? Houston third-party work injury lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja are ready to help you file a claim to pay for lost wages, medical bills, and mental anguish.

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You should not have to pay for the damages that someone else caused you. However, there is limited time to act on your case due to the civil deadlines. Call the law offices of Omar Khawaja to get your Free Case Evaluation at (281) 888-2339 or directly send us an online message.

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Third-Party Injury Claims Are Challenging to Handle Alone

Third-party injury cases arise when injuries are caused by the negligent actions of someone who is not your employer. However, the accident still occurred while you were working. Typically, there are numerous parties involved, not to mention the ongoing workers’ compensation claim you are handling, where applicable.

Common types of third-party injury cases we represent include:

In Texas, you are not liable for the financial and physical losses that someone else caused you. A third-party injury claim allows you to hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. Our state and federal laws protect people in your situation when negligent parties refuse to pay you what your case is worth.

You Have Rights – Exercise Them

The Houston third-party work injury lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja are ready to fight for your rights. Get the answers you deserve and want over a Free Case Evaluation at (281) 888-2339 . You may also message us online privately through our secure contact form.

Houston Third-Party Work Injury Lawyers Will Fight on Your Behalf

If you were injured by a third party, the law offices of Omar Khawaja has years of involvement helping injured workers get the money they need to pay for their losses. While every case is different, Texas civil laws allow you to investigate your case and present evidence to the insurance company.

Your Houston third-party work injury lawyer is ready to help you file compensation for the following:

  • Ongoing medical costs
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages and benefits at work
  • Future lost earning capacity
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death awards
  • Survival action awards
  • Other forms of compensation

For you to prove the above-referenced damages, you must have admissible evidence to receive a fair award. Evidence may include expert testimony, eyewitness statements, security camera footage, police reports, and more. Our Houston third-party work injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident and hold your detractors accountable to the fullest extent of Texas civil laws.

Proving Negligence Plays a Significant Role in Your Claim

Negligence is a legal definition that describes the reckless or careless acts of another. You must prove negligence to receive a fair settlement or civil court award. Ensure that you hire a Houston third-party work injury lawyer to help you build your case around the elements of negligence.

The elements of negligence include:

  1. The third party owed you a general duty of care
  2. The third party breached his or her general duty of care
  3. The breach in the general duty of care caused your accident and injuries
  4. The personal injuries you suffered resulted in financial and physical damages to you

Financial damages refer to any out-of-pocket expense that you incur. Physical damages can be related to your emotional losses as well. Claiming these emotional and mental damages is what makes personal injury cases, such as third-party work injury claims, so unique.

Unfortunately, it is harder to prove general damages, such as pain and suffering. Your Houston third-party work injury lawyer may ask you to keep a daily journal that outlines your pain levels and emotional state since it is admissible as evidence during settlement negotiations and lawsuits.

Civil Deadlines Apply to Third-Party Injury Claims

There is a legal deadline known as the statute of limitations in Texas. If you do not meet this deadline, then you forfeit your right to civil compensation. This deadline will vary according to the circumstances and facts of your work injury case.

Err on the Side of Caution

The most practical way to address case deadlines is by speak with Houston third-party injury lawyers. We are ready to evaluate your case quickly and can provide you with information regarding its timing. With the law firm of Omar Khawaja, you will not have to worry about administrative details since we keep track of them for you.

The Law Firm of Omar Khawaja Wants to Help

The law offices of Omar Khawaja has proudly served the Houston metro area for decades and have recouped millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Our legal team will tirelessly pursue the civil justice you deserve when someone negligently injures you or a loved one. We are dutifully standing by your side throughout the entire process.

We Represent Cases on Contingency Fees

Personal injuries are expensive to treat, whether you have insurance or not. Aside from your insurance, you need every dollar you can get to recover physically. The Houston third-party work injury lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja will handle your case on a contingency fee agreements, which means that you will not have to pay us for our legal services until you win your case.

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