Swimming pools are fun but dangerous places. Owners and managers hold a general duty of care to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from present hazards. If you were injured, Houston swimming pool accident lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja are ready to help you pursue the award your case deserves.

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Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents Should Never Happen

Swimming pool accidents are drownings are not just “accidents.” In most cases, they were avoidable, which means that someone else’s negligence played a role in your injuries or a family member’s death. If the swimming pool operator or owner failed to take adequate safety precautions, then Houston swimming pool accident lawyers will help you navigate any insurance claim against their negligence.

Common types of swimming pool accident cases we represent include:

  • Insecure fencing and barriers
  • Inadequate pool maintenance
  • Malfunctioning parts and equipment
  • Not offering floatation devices
  • Unsupervised children
  • Slippery poolside conditions
  • Failure to warn of hazards
  • Other types of negligence

The above-referenced list is not entirely exhaustive. However, it does help illustrate the actions that are not okay for pool owners to take. You deserved to have a fun day of swimming and not have to face something as life-changing as a swimming pool accident. Our Houston swimming pool accident lawyers will make the negotiation process as smooth as possible so that you can focus on getting better.

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You should not have to afford the damages that someone else caused you. The law offices of Omar Khawaja is prepared to fight for your rights through a negotiated claim or civil award. Call us now to learn more about your options in a no-cost, no-obligation setting at (281) 888-2339 or send us a direct message online.

We Will Hold Liable Parties Accountable for Their Reckless Actions

There may be one or many parties that are responsible for your or your family member’s injuries. It is essential to correctly identify them so that your case moves along faster while avoiding legal mistakes.

Our Houston swimming pool accident lawyers will hold the following parties accountable as applicable:

  • Commercial property owners
  • Private property owners
  • Homeowners
  • Daycares
  • Hotels and motels
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Pool maintenance companies
  • Lifeguards and other employees
  • Swimming pool guests
  • Other at-fault parties

It is critical that you adequately identify the at-fault party when filing your claim. There may be other parties responsible of which you are not aware. The investigation launched by the law offices of Omar Khawaja will ensure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to negotiating a fair settlement or litigating a civil award.

Compensation Is Available After a Swimming Pool Accident Injury

Swimming pool accident injuries are expensive to treat and manage now and in the future. You likely have medical bills, lost wages, and more piling up, not to mention the level of pain and suffering you experience. Your Houston swimming pool accident lawyer will investigate your accident and evaluate the total amount owed by the insurance company.

Civil awards that the law firm of Omar Khawaja has recovered in the past include:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost work wages
  • Future lost earning
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Other types of compensation

Our legal team has worked with some of the best injury and accident reconstruction experts in the state and country. Your Houston swimming pool accident lawyer will ensure that your case is investigated and that every penny goes into account.

Texas’ Statute of Limitations

There are deadlines known as the statute of limitations. Texas, like other US states, imposes them on personal injury matters. You generally have up to three (3) years from the date of your injury to file a claim.

However, this deadline is likely not the only applicable one. Depending upon the intricate details of your case, other time restrictions apply. Instead of leaving your case at the insurance company’s word or potentially false online information, contact the team at the law firm of Omar Khawaja to ensure that you do not miss any case-critical deadlines.

Houston Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers Will Help You

Insurance companies and at-fault parties will tell you the facts that they believe to be true. You must have someone watching out for your interests as well. Your Houston swimming pool accident lawyer will investigate the cause of your accident and the extent of your injuries so that there is no question regarding breach of duty and causation.

You can count on your Houston swimming pool accident lawyer to deliver on service, including:

  • Protecting you from insurers
  • Establishing liable parties
  • Evaluating your damages
  • Offering a strategy that fights for your rights
  • Acting as a communications buffer
  • Not charging legal fees until we win

Our goal is to acquire the highest possible award for your given situation. You should not have to endure any more hardship if the insurance company or at-fault party does not pay you what laws require. The law offices of Omar Khawaja helps you get started on your case and handle it all the way to the finish.

No Advance Legal Fees – Contingency Fees Only

There is no choice between medical care and legal care. However, you should not have to forgo representation due to mounting medical costs. Our Houston swimming pool accident lawyers will represent your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe us zero payments until we win your case.

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