If you were harmed while working on the job, you must get all the help you can to pay for medical treatments and time missed at work. Texas’ state labor laws allow your employer to either pay for these injuries through workers’ compensation or out of their own pockets. It is challenging to get the money you need when the employer does not have insurance, which means that you may want to hire a Houston non-subscriber claim lawyer at the law offices of Omar Khawaja.

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Common Non-Subscriber Issues Our Law Firm Addresses

Although Texas laws allow employers to choose whether to subscribe to workers’ compensation, this rule does not mean that they can forgo having an insurance policy to protect workers. It is quite the opposite, in fact. Your employer must have a policy or means to pay for your at-work injuries when you are on the clock.

Our Houston non-subscriber claim lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja will help you navigate the following legal issues with employers, including:

  • Refusing to authorize medical treatment
  • Showing more concern over unimportant details, such as a drug test
  • Not having access to the insurance company’s representatives
  • Doctors telling you that your severe injury is not severe at all
  • Not honoring work restrictions imposed by your doctor
  • You simply believe that your employer or their insurer is not being honest
  • Facing benefits denials over pre-existing condition allegations

Non-subscriber claims are incredibly challenging to navigate on your own when your employer or their insurance company fails to remain transparent throughout the claims process. Since non-subscriber employers know that you can hold them personally and professionally liable, their strategy is to mitigate the immediate threat of legal and financial exposure. Do not let them win; hire the Houston non-subscriber claims lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja to ensure that they do not push you around.

We Fight for the Rights of Injured Workers

If you were harmed at work, you have the right to speak with a Houston non-subscriber claim lawyer about your insurance claim without fearing employer retribution. Call on the law offices of Omar Khawaja for your Free Case Evaluation now at (281) 888-2339 or send us a message online.

Common Work Injuries Deserve Compensation

Our law firm has focus and compassion when it comes to handling non-subscriber claims. You should not have to pay for the medical costs that happened to you during your scope of employment. Texas laws also provide for your time missed at work and, if negligence played a role, compensation for your pain and suffering

Common types of work injuries our Houston non-subscriber claim lawyers handle include:

  • Head, face, and brain injuries
  • Neck, back, and spinal cord damage
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Cuts, bruises, and contusions
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal organ damage and bleeding
  • Other types of work injuries’

Work injuries are expensive to treat and manage. Your employer owes you a settlement or civil award for all of the losses you incurred as a result. The law offices of Omar Khawaja will hold their hand to the fire when it comes to negotiating an amount that Texas laws allow.

Compensation that we have recuperated on behalf of our clients includes medical costs, lost work wages and benefits, future lost earnings, pain and suffering, wrongful death damages, survival action damages, mental anguish, punitive damages, and more. You will not have to stand alone as you take reckless and careless parties to account.

An Experience Houston Non-Subscriber Claim Lawyer Can Get You Answers

When you suffer on the job injuries due to another’s negligence, including employees and managers, you have the right to hold at-fault individuals liable for their reckless actions. The law offices of Omar Khawaja helps you navigate the non-subscriber claims process while providing compassionate legal care at every critical point. We have years of experience and familiarity in handling these types of claims and recovered millions on behalf of our clients.

Effective Legal Representation

Texas is one of a few US states that does not require employers to obtain workers’ compensation, which means that these rules are entirely unique. While companies may opt-out of the system, it does not mean that they can sidestep paying your claim, too. Houston non-subscriber claims lawyers will help you understand your legal options while mounting a case against your detractors.

Taking Care of Texas Families

It is not your mistake that you were injured on the job. You are putting your time, attention, and sweat equity into another person’s company. Texas workers deserve to receive fair compensation for their losses, and the law offices of Omar Khawaja will leave no stone unturned to help you accomplish your case objectives.

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While not all cases are good candidates for contingency fees, life insurance matters are perfect for a more flexible fee arrangement. Instead of demanding an expensive retainer in advance, we take your case on a contingency fee basis. We handle your case investigation, negotiation, and litigation and do not get paid for our services and resources until you win your case.

An Aggressive Team that Fights Back

Our Houston non-subscriber claims lawyers are ready to fight back against your detractors at the law offices of Omar Khawaja. We offer aggressive legal representation while treating you and your family members with compassion. Legal deadlines apply to life insurance claims, so act sooner rather than later to avoid missing your chance.

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