Hurricanes can cause severe damages to a residence and one’s personal property. If your insurance company is not compensating you adequately for your losses, hire a Houston hurricane damage lawyer at the law offices of Omar Khawaja. We will investigate and assess the damage to your home and present our findings to the insurance company on your behalf.

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Common Types of Hurricane Damage Claims We Represent

The hurricane damage claims process can leave you feeling like your insurer does not have your best interests at heart. At the law firm of Omar Khawaja, the Houston hurricane damage lawyers have the experience and knowledge you can when fighting for civil justice. Our legal team will not leave any stone unturned when representing your case to the insurance company.

We will pursue an adequate award for:

  • Roof damages
  • Landscape damages
  • Cosmetic damages
  • Water damage
  • Flooding damage
  • Storm damage
  • Structural damages
  • Damage furniture
  • Damage personal property
  • Defective parts
  • Defective craftsmanship
  • Other property damage

If the insurer chooses to act in bad faith, meaning that they do not process or pay your claim promptly, your Houston hurricane damage lawyers will also negotiate an award on your behalf. Our legal team will investigate your home’s damage thoroughly to establish the extent as well as the cost of repair.

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Deadlines Play a Major Role in Hurricane Damage Claims

Since hurricane damage is a regular occurrence in Texas, some deadlines apply to a case known as the statute of limitations. The property damage statute of limitations is two (2) years from the day of your home’s damage or when the storm first hit landfall.

Other Deadlines Apply to Hurricane Damage Claims

While a few years may seem like a significant period, consider notification and policy deadlines as well. A claim under FEMA requires you to provide notice of your claim within sixty (60) days. Depending upon the facts and circumstances, several deadlines can apply to your case inconspicuously.

If You Miss Deadlines and Statutes of Limitations

If you miss any time requirement during your case, the insurance company or presiding court has the right to deny you payments based on a technicality. Do not let your insurance company get away with paying your less. Our Houston hurricane damage lawyers will ensure that you do not miss a single step in your case.

Insurers Can Leverage Time Against You

It is critical to file your claim with a Houston hurricane damage lawyer as soon as possible. We will help you manage the cadence and strategy of your case so that the insurance company does not use the time to get you to accept a lesser amount. The law offices of Omar Khawaja is ready to stand by your side and fight with insurers on your behalf.

Why Hire the Houston Hurricane Damage Lawyers on Our Team

When your residence experiences hurricane damage, you and your family counted on your insurance company to repair it. They did not meet state laws or the promises in their policy, which gives you a right to pursue your claim further. The Houston hurricane damage lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja will hold them accountable by negotiating a settlement or litigating an award for your damages.

Our legal team will also evaluate your case for bad faith actions by the insurer, including:

  • Misleading or false statements
  • Not receiving benefits or payments promptly
  • Taking inordinate lengths to process claims
  • Offering an inadequate settlement to pay for your costs
  • Applying illegal conditions to your settlement
  • Not responding to written or verbal communications
  • Other types of bad faith actions

The list referenced above is just a few of many signs that you need to hire a Houston hurricane damage lawyer. Unsavory insurance companies are not going to pay you a fair settlement. The law offices of Omar Khawaja will ensure that you get an amount to which you are entitled under local, Texas state and federal laws.

Legal Care that Cares About You

Our clients and their rights are our top priorities when handling each and every case. The Houston hurricane damage lawyers at our firm have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients struggling to get what they need from their insurers or at-fault parties. We will take the time to understand your legal objectives and place you in the driver’s seat at every decision-making point.

You will never stand alone in front of your detractors when you hire our legal team.

No Upfront Attorneys’ or Legal Fees

You should never feel compelled to choose between repairing your home and getting legal help. The law offices of Omar Khawaja takes cases on a contingency fee agreement. We will not get paid for our time and resources unless you win your hurricane damage claim.

Our Houston Hurricane Damage Lawyers Want to Help

If your house suffered from severe hurricane damage, you should not have to stand by while insurance companies get away with paying you a lot less than you need. Contact the Houston hurricane damage lawyers at the law offices of Omar Khawaja for a Free Case Evaluation.

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