5 Reasons to Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney in Bellaire

Man slips next to Wet Floor sign Are you looking for a way to cover the medical bills and lost wages from your slip and fall injuries? Do you feel that someone else is to blame for your slip and fall accident? If so, then you need to hire a slip and fall [...]

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7 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Burn Injuries

The cost of healthcare When you're dealing with something as serious as burn injuries, you need the best attorney that you can find. These injuries occur in a number of ways, and you'll need the help of a personal injury attorney that understands exactly what to do to get you a fair payment [...]

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The Importance of Having an Aviation Accident Lawyer by Your Side

Were you recently part of an aviation excursion gone wrong? Have you suffered injuries or trauma due to an aviation accident? If so, then you'll need to hire an aviation accident lawyer to represent you. Doing so will help you compile evidence and build your case. They'll have the experience and know-how to help you [...]

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9 Personal Injury Tips from an Experienced Houston Attorney to Help You Gain the Maximum Deserved Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

In 2018 in the state of Texas, there were over 12,000 serious injuries resulting from car accidents. Approximately 129,000 workers experienced a workplace injury or illness that resulted in missed workdays or job restrictions.  Hundreds of thousands of Texans suffer from personal injuries each year. Depending on the nature of their injury, they may be [...]

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How to Choose an Auto Collision Attorney in Houston That You Can Trust

When unforeseen accidents happen in life, it can be hard to revisit those moments and try to focus on what occurred. If you were in a car crash or auto collision, you might not want to dwell on it. However, taking the appropriate steps can save you the headache and help you land a deserved compensation [...]

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Crash Course: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Houston Accident Lawyer?

On average, there are six million car accidents across the United States every year. Whether minor accidents or severe collisions, an accident can have a huge impact on your life. It may leave you with physical or psychological injuries and it can leave your finances at risk. In fact, American traffic accidents cost $871 billion worth [...]

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Red Light, Green Light: 6 Signs You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Houston

During your driving career, you might find yourself in an auto accident or two. Some will be minor, while others might be a bit more serious. It can be a detriment to you and your family's financial stability whether you're the one responsible or not. Car insurance may or may not cover everything that you [...]

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Hit by an 18-Wheeler? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer!

Texas had 359 fatal truck-tractor/semi-trailer accidents in rural areas during 2018. That same year there were 106 truck accidents in urban areas and 465 statewide. Accidents involving 18-wheelers are complicated. Obtaining any kind of fair compensation for wrongfully being injured, can be difficult because of the number of parties involved. Here is what a Houston [...]

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When Should You Seek Compensation After a Reckless Driving Accident

  There are approximately 6 million car accidents per year in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these result in injury to one or both parties involved. In some cases, accidents occur due to reckless driving. It's possible to pursue compensation during this scenario, but not everyone knows how to go about it. Not sure [...]

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