6 Reasons You Need to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Houston, Texas

When you've suffered a bicycle injury, there are several ways that a situation can play out. Being able to bounce back from your injuries will require the assistance of an attorney that is versed in personal injury law. As a Houston resident, you'll need a set of lawyers that understands how the law is handled [...]

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5 Things an Aviation Accident Attorney Can Do For You

As of October 17, 2021, this year has seen six (6) airline accidents causing 110 deaths. These statistics are only for commercial airlines that carry 14 or more passengers. Not every airline incident involves an accident, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong that leaves you wondering if you can sue an airline. Airlines [...]

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7 Signs You Absolutely Need a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Houston, Texas

When you are involved in a slip and fall accident of any type, it's important that you understand the insurance company's take and that every step is critical having long-lasting impacts on your well-being, life changes, and career. It's important that you cover yourself in the best manner possible by doing all due diligence medical [...]

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5 Signs You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Houston

Did you know a motorcyclist is killed in a crash every day in Texas? In 2020, 482 motorcyclists died in crashes. This represents a 17% increase in motorcyclist fatalities compare to the previous year. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road and accidents involving motorcycles tend to involve serious injuries. If you've been in a [...]

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7 Types of Car Accidents and How They’re Resolved in Houston, TX

Over 200,000 Texas residents were injured in car accidents in 2018. These injuries happened in a variety of different situations and crashes. This begs the question: how do you determine fault and get the right claims for different types of car accidents? That's what we're looking to answer today. In this article, we'll be outlining different [...]

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Auto Accident Laws Every Texan Should Know by Heart

You're driving along, worried about the minutia of your day, when suddenly another car collides with you. A car wreck is a scary experience, and the initial shock and adenine of an accident are enough to frazzle anyone. Do you have enough knowledge of auto accident laws in your state to make an informed decision [...]

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4 Details to Learn From Consultations With a Houston Accident Attorney

Even though we spend a lot of our lives in our cars, many of us underestimate just how common car accidents really are. The truth is, we're putting ourselves at a great amount of risk every time we get on the road. If you've been in an auto accident as the result of another driver's [...]

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A Sober Reality: Your Legal Options When Hit by a Drunk Driver in TX

transportation and vehicle concept - man drinking alcohol while driving the car Drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year. It's an unfortunate reality, but you have to prepare for any type of car accident. If you're hit and injured by a drunk driver, you have a variety of legal options. Knowing [...]

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Back Pains From a Car Accident? You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Man with neck and back pain. Man rubbing his painful back close up. Pain relief concept Every year in the United States, 3 million people are injured in car accidents. Around 2 million of those injuries are permanent, which is why many individuals seek a personal injury attorney after an accident. More than [...]

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