Red Light, Green Light: 6 Signs You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Houston

During your driving career, you might find yourself in an auto accident or two. Some will be minor, while others might be a bit more serious.

It can be a detriment to you and your family’s financial stability whether you’re the one responsible or not. Car insurance may or may not cover everything that you need them to.

More importantly, a lot of people struggle with knowing when to hire an attorney. How can you tell when you need legal assistance?

Here are several signs that you need to hire an auto accident lawyer in Houston, consider all of these as you go about planning for your case.

1. You Have a Serious Injury

In order to protect you and your family financially, a serious injury is going to require serious compensation.

Your number one priority is to seek out medical assistance for the injury or injuries that you sustained during the accident. However, the very next thing you should do is seek out legal consultation.

If you feel that your injury can be a major asset to winning your case, then you need to hire a trusted auto accident attorney to be by your side.

They will gather evidence and statements from witnesses to help you get as much compensation for your setbacks as possible.

2. There Was a Death in the Accident

Those of you that didn’t experience a fatality during your auto accident, count your blessings.

For those of you that did, you should immediately reach out to an attorney to fight for you.

You’ll have enough on your plate with mourning the loss of a loved one or friend, dealing with car insurance, making alternate arrangements, etc. Let your attorney take on the legal side while you deal with everything else. (Note: Any delays in communications can affect your case or derail it completely. This is why the Attorney handling the communication is the best way to ensure a quick resolution, enforcement of your rights, and overall case success)

They can keep you in the loop with all of the different steps and plans that they have for your case. More importantly, they’ll aim at seeking restitution for the loss that you and your family are experiencing.

When someone passes away during a crash, oftentimes there’s a party that should be held responsible for their fate.

3. You’re Facing a Company

If your auto accident includes a company-owned vehicle of some sort, then you’ll be dealing with a team of lawyers that the business has on retainer for such occasions.

Without a lawyer on your side, you have almost no hope of winning your case. Their side has years of experience and practice, tilting the playing field in their favor.

Hiring an auto accident lawyer with years of experience and know-how will help you gain back the advantage.

Their legal team will work tirelessly to try and get the minimum (or no) payout for the injuries that you’ve sustained. If you so much as speak out of term without a lawyer present, they’ll use it against you and your case.

Fight fire with fire. Hire an attorney and follow all of the directions that they give you to a “T”. You’ll increase the odds of winning your case as soon as you do.

4. Several Parties Are Involved

The more parties that are involved in your auto accident, the greater the need that you have for having legal assistance on your side. Every other party will, meaning you’ll already be at a disadvantage if you don’t.

Most cases with auto accidents involving multiple parties will try to equally divide the blame among several different parties, rather than finding one culprit that’s responsible for all the damage.

If you feel that you’re completely innocent, you and your attorney will have to work day and night to prove it.

Even reducing your amount of liability will prove to be a dog fight. Several different attorneys will be pointing the finger at other parties. You need an auto accident lawyer than can prove them all wrong.

5. You’re Struggling to Collect Evidence

This is the biggest struggle for many people involved in a car accident. As soon as it happens, the adrenaline is pumping so much that they forget to gather as much evidence as possible.

Days later, they find themselves struggling to collect proper evidence, now that the witnesses are gone and they don’t have enough photos as proof.

In that situation, you need to hire a professional auto accident lawyer from the get-go.

They’ll be your saving grace in collecting evidence because they have more avenues to do so. For example, they can line up face-to-face questioning with witnesses that the police report has written on file.

6. There’s an Opportunity for a Fair Settlement for Life Change Losses

One of the best scenarios for you, whether you’re responsible or the victim of the auto accident, is to try and reach a settlement prior to trial.

That means you’ll be dodging hefty court fees and other litigation costs. These settlements shouldn’t be taken lightly, however.

They generally aren’t amicable discussions among several parties. Rather, they’re the respective parties trying to leverage evidence against the other in order to reduce or increase the proper compensation.

You’ll want a lawyer present to defend your side of things. Hiring one will increase the likelihood that you reach the settlement amount that you’re deserving of.

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